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6th Annual Billy the Kid GeoFest

Into geocaching? Come on up for the Billy the Kid GeoFest on Saturday, June 10th. This year the geofest starts in historic Lincoln; participants will travels as far as San Patricio and Capitan in search of 20 caches.

This year we'll have it where it all happened - Lincoln Town.  We'll meet at the amphitheatre area on the north side of the Visitor Center.  The Lincoln State Historic Site is one of our sponsors and is helping produce our event booklet.  

Remember to bring your trackables for discovery, including T-shirts, tattoos and stuff on your vehicles.

We'll start at 10:00 am and by 10:30 am off you go to find about 20 caches, from San Patricio to Capitan, only about 1/2 of the BtK Scenic Highway.   Motels and restaurants are in Ruidoso (numerous) and Capitan (Smokey Bear Motel).  Lincoln has one restaurant and two bed and breakfast places (and maybe now a third):  Wortley Hotel (where both Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett slept); Dolan House now has one room - Ellis Store and Patron BBs are both permanently closed.

We will eat a BBQ dinner at the Dolan House. Dolan was a key player in the Lincoln County War - partner of Lawrence G Murphy. Let me know if you want chicken instead of ribs or sausage. The owners Bev and Bill Stausser are staying open to accommodate us. Cost for the meal is $15 each and Bill promises you'll more than your money's worth, so I think he's going to load us down (BBQ, potato salad, beans, tea). There'll be a guest speaker who is writing a book on Jimmy Dolan. Of course this being the ..."most dangerous street in America," according to Rutherford B. Hayes, one can never tell what else might also happen - remember what transpired at the No Scum...!

As in the past, prizes awarded for FtF (First to Finish) and also who brings in the most trash and most unusual trash (a CITO event in disguise). As this is Lincoln - special prize(s) for those of you whom at dinner/awards wear 19th-Century clothing!