IN THE PRESS: Billy The Kid Scenic Byway, Named One of 5 Roads in America That Define Adventure by

Billy the Kid blazed a trail of mischief and mayhem through America’s Southwest like a horseback-riding, six-shooter-wielding Tasmanian devil. So much so that the state named a scenic byway after him. Start in Lincoln, the historical home of The Kid, and head west through the winding roads of Lincoln National Forest to Fort Stanton. Explore the grounds of the old military post or stay on the road towards Smokey Bear Historical Park in Capitan. Stretch your legs in the two acres that make up the park and pay your respects at the grave of the original Smokey Bear—he was an orphaned bear cub found in the 50s during a raging wildfire. Capitan is great, but your journey doesn’t end there. The Kid’s Scenic Byway continues down New Mexico State Road 48 through a mixture of high desert plains and thick pine forests until Ruidoso is laid out before you. It’s here at Ruidoso Downs Race Track where you can add to your travel budget as long as you pick a few winners.

5 Roads in America That Define Adventure

Anybody can hop in their car and go for a cruise down any main street in suburban America. It's simple. Easy. Unchallenging. But it takes a person with a certain amount of juice to drive down an unknown road in an unknown place not knowing what's around the next bend.