Wind Rider ZipTour at Ski Apache


Over 8,800 Feet Of High-Speed Thrill On One Of The Worlds Longest Ziplines!

Take your zip-lining experience above and beyond with this three-span zip tour at Ski Apache. This beautifully stunning adventure begins and rises above 11,000 feet. It is also complete with parallel cables so riders can glide down the mountain side-by-side. The adrenaline-pumping, three-part zip tour reaches over 8,900 feet in length, making it one of the longest in the world while offering a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Please note: Always call to confirm on your scheduled day to check on weather conditions and to make sure the ZipTour is operating.1 (575) 464-3600 | 1 (800) 545-9011

ELEVATION: 11,489 ft. at the top of Ski Apache
LENGTH: 8,890 feet
SPEED: up to 65MPH
DURATION: Total tour estimated time 1.5 hour
VIEWS: Most spectacular view in southern New Mexico