The 5 Golden Rules of a Ruidoso Family Vacation

Thinking about a Ruidoso family getaway? We have some suggestions for keeping it stress-free.


Take the stress out of family travel with these simple strategies.

  1. Keep it loose. It’s tempting to want to do and see everything that Ruidoso has to offer. But if you keep your schedule loose there will be plenty of time for the kind of spontaneity lacking in everyday life. Sure, research and planning will help you to know all the fun things to do in Ruidoso and booking lodging in advance is definitely recommended, but keeping a flexible vacation schedule will allow you to easily adapt in real-time.

  2. Plan your packing, so that you’ll have the essentials. Without planning, it’s easy to throw in everything but the kitchen sink at the last minute or to pack so light that you forget the essential things you simply do not want to be without. Create a packing list ahead of time, including everyday items like charging cables, medications, and toiletries that are easy to forget. Check out our Ruidoso packing guide to help get you started.

  3. Make time to do your own thing. Not everyone in your clan has the same interests, attention span, or activity level, so doing everything together can be a recipe for frustration. Heading off on separate adventures gives you something to chat about when you regroup. Compare wish lists and decide which activities are best suited to individual exploration. If you love exploring art galleries and shops and they want to careen down mountainsides, golf, or go fishing, then someone is going to end up disappointed or resentful. Make time to break away and do your own thing. It will enhance your experience and the quality of the time spent together.

  4. Toys aren’t just for tots. You might think you want to be all zen and minimalistic and leave the toys at home. But whether you’re blaring your favorite road trip playlist on the drive, binge watching Netflix in a hammock, casting a line, or beating your besties at disc golf, you’ll be glad you brought along some toys. And if there’s something you don’t have, you can always stock up or rent while you’re in town. Our local merchants and shops are prepared for visitors and stock everything from camping equipment and mountain clothing, to fishing tackle and watersports equipment in the summer and ski and snowboard gear for winter.

  5. Stay on budget with a few simple strategies. Go ahead and treat yourselves to a few meals out at some of our tasty eateries or splurge on some of Ruidoso’s popular attractions and activities. You’re on vacation after all. But there are also plenty of simple ways, from packing a picnic and taking a hike to free live music in the streets, to keep your Ruidoso vacation on budget without sacrificing any of the family fun.